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Sharnee and Liam

Sharnee and Liam got married at the absolutely stunning Mordon Hall in Modern, London. It's one of those venues where the ceremony and the reception take place all at the same venue.

It's a very modern venue, with a contemporary feel. It has a gorgeous staircase leading into the ceremony room and a separate reception area.

The wedding took place in October of last year, despite being a little bit chilly, the sun was shining and it was an absolutely gorgeous day.

Sharnee is originally from Australia and she wanted to incorporate lots of green and Eucalyptus to really give that Australian feel and style. 

Being an Autumn wedding, Sharnee and Liam had a striking colour palette, with lots of Burgundy greens and pinks.

Sharnee wanted flowers everywhere for her guests to enjoy. 

All the aisles arrangements and bridal flowers were created the day before, so on the day I just had the staircase and an arrangement on the entrance gate to design.

I decorated the staircase which led to the ceremony area. Here you can see a stunning floral garland which draped all the way down to the floor. Liam' sister had designed and personalised lots of glass vases that were originally just going to be used for the guests table centrepieces. I suggested that they could be used around teh staircase first and then moved to the tables after. Sharnee loved this idea and I think it looked great! With the candles in, I think they just add the finishing touch to the whole design.

I absolutely love candles I think the ambience that they provide a stunning.

I always go on about asile arranagments, they really are my favourite! The best thing about asile arranagments is how veratile they are! After the ceromony these were placed on top of the window sills around the wedding breakfast room. 

After the ceremony was complete, all of the personalised vases were moved to the dining room where flowers were added and they were then used for the guest table centrepieces. 

For Sharnee and Liam's top table, the arrangement from the registrar's table was moved to double up as their centrepiece.

Outside, I created a floral display on the metal archway that leads into the venue, so that all the guests that arrived had to walk under the arrangement, and was that perfect welcome for them.

Sharnee and Liams floral designs consisted of:



Avalanche Roses and spray Roses



Lisianthus and lots of Eucalyptus and other foliage!

Thank you to Josie Hooper for the stunning images!


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