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How it all started

It was actually by total accident, I never intended to start a floristry business.

It was 2017, and I was employed full time in the emergency services. I have always enjoyed my job, but I knew that it was not what I wanted to do forever.

I started looking at other options, what I was good at and what I enjoyed. I've always had a real passion for being creative. It started at a really young age.

My mum was an artist when she was younger, and also a seamstress as my grandparents had a seamstress company. I definitely get my creativity from her, but FYI I cannot sew or draw!

I've renovated two houses and I absolutely love the interior design process. I was forever getting compliments on my choice of interiors, so I thought that would be a good start point for a business.

HOWEVER, Interior Design is often viewed as one of those luxury things that everybody wants, but not the not everyone has the budget for. I didn’t even want to be high end! I had the vision of being affordable interiors. So, like items from high street stores but arranged in a way that maybe some people haven’t got the eye for, yanooo!?

Anyway, it became apparent that interior designs was not my golden ticket, so I started to think about other ways I could incorporate design and styling into a business that wasn't just house related. Searching google as you do and I found a floral styling course for weddings.

Not being married myself, I've never planned a wedding. So, the thought of styling a wedding had never actually entered my mind. It took me quite a while to decide whether or not I wanted to do this course that I found. You know when you start second guessing and doubting yourself!?

However, once I started it, I absolutely fell in love with the process and knew that I was onto my calling!!

My tutor was a lovely lady and floral designer called Dee Mcmeekin. I just remember Dee explaining that if you're not including flowers in your business, then you are missing out on a huge audience!

I had never even touched a flower, so the thought of being a ‘florist’ was like mad!!

However, I took the advice on board started to look into floral design courses, and how you can style with flowers etc.

In 2018 I done a career changing course in floristry and started to think about starting a business.

In 2019 I was lucky enough to gain 6 months’ experience working alongside a very talented and award winning florist, Emma Soulsby. The experience gained from working alongside Emma was invaluable.

It's amazing how much there is to learn when it comes to floristry and I'm absolutely still learning. The names of flowers is like a second language!!

And just in case you are thinking it’s all fun and games, let me tell you it’s not! Haha! The ‘behind the scenes’ is often what people don’t think about and that includes getting up really early to visit the flower market or taking a flower delivery in at 0500! And the conditioning, that’s the worst part (LOL I’m being honest here!!) You have to pre and condition every individual stem so that all the flowers look their best for an event.

Since starting my business I have been featured in numerous national wedding blogs and magazines and I won an award at the Essex wedding awards for the best new business of 2020.

It’s such a privilege to be involved in one of the most special day of a couple’s lives.

I'm so excited to continue doing what I love and seeing my business grow.


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